Local Genius Lampung
Chandra Cahyani

Project Name
Surgery Campus

Road show to schools in the area to recruit foster and encourage younger students at universities throughout Indonesia to become a foster sister. In 2014, already has 200 foster sister who each mentored foster brother via online.
Guided by
Coach Indira Abidin

Local Genius Surabaya
Dalu Nuzlul Kiram

Project Name
Kampoeng Dolly Harapan

The project to convert the former Localization Dolly became a tourist area that provides a vehicle for thematic villages, museums woman expectations, a culinary center and a center for souvenirs. So far there have been 80 volunteers from various professional backgrounds.

Guided by
Coach Lyra Puspa

Local Genius Bangka Belitung
Fariliyn Danisya

Project Name
Bahenol Bank

Bangka Green Energy and Bioethanol (voluptuous Bank) is a processing program Green Energy in the form of processing plastic waste into oil, and process cassava into bioethanol then managed like a bank.

Guided by
Coach Atok R Aryanto

Local Genius Bandung
Heri Susanto

Project Name
Sibejoo Peduli Berbagi

Sibejoo has two main activities, namely social and independent entrepreneurs. Social activities as a form of caring and sharing, while wirausha activities independently as an engine of activity sibejoo.

Guided by
Coach Ronny FR

Local Genius Lumajang
M. Ikhwan

Project Name
Kampung Organik Terpadu

Empowerment in Rural Klampokarum form of organic agro business that consists of livestock, agriculture and fisheries. Integrated in the sense of their cycle agro waste utilization between groups so mutually beneficial.

Guided by
Coach Dewi Ashuro

Local Genius Yogyakarta
Miftahush SH

Project Name
GPS (Gerakan Peternak Sukses)

GPS (Livestock Movement Success) is a farmer training methods and application methods gaduhan as economic driver breeder conducted on an ongoing basis. Graduates become cadres livestock educating the public.

Guided by
Coach Fauzi Rachmanto

Local Genius Bogor
Redy H Gunawan

Project Name
Industrialisasi Produk Desa

Village Industries has started since 2013 with shoes and convection. The focus of the industry cluster is a non agro industries that are tailored to the potential of human resources skills. The program is powered financial institutions, private parties, and NGOs.

Guided by
Coach Margetty Herwin

Local Genius Tangerang

Project Name
Gerakan SUKSES

SUCCESS Movement (Companions Small Business Immediately Sejahtera) is a movement for Economic Empowerment of Poor. Benefits SUCCESS movement is being felt around 130 entrepreneurs and 233 Micro poor through free training.

Guided by
Coach Josef Bataona

Local Genius Banyumas

Project Name
Kampoeng mandiri OGOP

Aiming to establish a community of potential managers from 4 grumbul (hamlets) in the village Binangun. Grumbul Wanasepi potentially processed foods, sugar Binangun with the print and the crystal, Juwiring with farms, Curug with batik.

Guided by
Coach Ferlita Sari

Local Genius Pekalongan

Project Name
Wader Lestari

Wader Lestari is a project of Community Supervision of Fisheries in the Upper River. Wader Lestari aims to cultivate a healthy life, protect the ecosystem environment, especially rivers, creating productive green yard and reforestation.

Guided by
Coach dr. Irzan